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Why buy Ice & use our Ice Delivery

Buying ICE MILL ice ensures safe ice for you. Our products are micro-biologically tested which in other words means it’s lovely and pure.

We have a range of ice with something on offer for every occasion. From Cube Ice for chilling bottles to Crushed Ice for that superior drinking experience. See our products page for more information

Still using an ancient ice cube tray? Not only can you never make enough or find a flat space for the tray, the risk of cross contamination is much higher. Buy ice the convenient way and enjoy the benefit of bagged ice!

Ice Supplier With Reliability

If you are looking for ice delivery service which is reliable, you can depend on the team at ICE MILL. We manufacture both crushed ice and ice cubes. Whether you need ice supplies for a private party or your bar, we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Our ice can also be used in food and table displays. We supply ice cubes to hotels and clubs across SouthWest and Wales. You can contact us for ice supplies for special events and festivals too. 

party ice

We understand that, while you want the items around your house to look good, you also need them to be functional too. That’s why we try to marry form and function, style and substance, in everything we do. 

We deliver ice in bulk bags of Ice Cubes and Crushed Ice to Businesses and General Public. Call us today and discuss your ice cube requirements with a member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bagged Ice? Can I buy Ice cubes in Bulk? Ice supplier for christmas parties?

Yes. but weekends are very busy for us. Saturdays are particularly very busy and they are normally fully booked. In order to avoid disappointment please book as soon as you know you need ice.

Ice Mill aims to deliver in Bristol and surrounding areas within 1 hour/1.5 Hour, subject to booking.

Payment can be made by cash, card, BACS or account (by an application)

There are two answers to this question:
About 2 to 3 hours, by putting the bottles in the tub first, then covering with a bag and a half on ice cubes, or
About 20 minutes, if you put about a bag and a half of ice cubes in an ice bucket, add water to the same level as the ice, then slide in the 12 bottles

Many ice suppliers sell ice buckets as well as deliver ice. If they don’t you can usually buy ice tubs and buckets from most garden centres, B&Q, Homebase, Screwfix, and building suppliers, as well as Amazon etc..

These ice cubes are ‘free run’. Should they have stuck together during storage, a short drop onto a hard surface should separate them.

Yes, we provide ice products (Ice Cubes & Crushed Ice) and ice delivery for special events of all sizes. We have provided event ice delivery for well-known events such as, festivals, Corporate events, clubs, drink merchants, frozen food distributors, private events & parties, airports, catering businesses, pubs & bars, weddings, birthday parties, corners shops & supermarkets, Commercial building Projects, sports events, food processing companies, restaurants & cafes, Football Games, local festivals, school events, religious events, concerts, Christmas Parties and much more…

While ice does not expire, over time, you may notice visual or aromatic changes that can be unappealing. For instance, the ice may crystallize or turn white and/or it might also absorb the aromas of food or other items in your freezer.

Ice should be clear in color as well as odorless and tasteless. When purchasing ice, look for bags that are properly closed and secure (no drawstring ties). Whenever possible, make sure to choose Bag of Ice from Ice Mill to ensure the best quality.

You can place an order for ice delivery by calling us at 0734 037 6030 or contact us at info@icemill.co.uk

Absolutely! Please call us at 0734 037 6030 or contact us at info@icemill.co.uk

A 12KG bag is about the size of a pillowcase, s 20KG bag is about the size of aeroplane cabin baggage.

If you are using ice in tubs or buckets to chill drinks and your party is for 20-50 people then 10 x 12kg bags of ice cubes should be fine. Use a 45 litre tub for chilling wine, another for beers, and possibly a third for soft drinks and water. And if your party is an all day and evening event you will require more ice. Up to 100 guests, around 20 x 12kg bags will probably be required. 200-300 guests, 30-40 x 12kg bags.

Surprisingly, ice melts very slowly if kept in one pile, out of direct sunlight. Our ice cubes are solid, deep frozen and delivered at -18c. 5 or 10 (20kg) bags of ice cubes will probably take days to melt completely if kept together in one pile, in the shade, and out of direct sunlight. Even in the summer. In the winter, 10 (20kg) bags of ice can take a over 7 days or more to melt completely. If you need Ice about 9 PM, we can deliver by afternoon and it should easily last until you start using ice.

Strange question but most bags of ice sold in supermarkets and by major ice manufacturers as ice cubes are actually not cube shaped. The most common “ice cube” sold are top hat shape or cylinder shaped. Some are even hollow cylinder shaped or large slug shaped ice. Or choose an ice delivery company that can supply proper cubes.

We offer a refrigerated ice merchandiser or event trailer to accommodate large quantities of ice for your event or party. We will drop off a trailer with easy access and pick it up when the event is complete. Call for details.

We take pleasure in delivering the best ice products to our customers. What it comes down to is quality ice at a low price with excellence in service. Our customers return time-and-time again for this reason.

Whether you need a bag of ice or a tonne of Ice, we can accommodate your order.

Yes, Please contact our sales team at info@icemill.co.uk

UK, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Newport, Cardiff, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Filton, Stroud, Yate, Weston-Super-Mare, Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgewater, Swindon, Salisbury, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Redruth, Falmouth, St Austell, Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, Paignton, Exmouth, Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Christchurch, Ferndow and throughout South West England and South Wales.

We can proudly supply you with bag of Ice cubes and Crushed Ice.

Ice Mill Ice products are filtered and produced by the most stringent standards and sanitary conditions.

Just like any other manufactured product you feed your family, ice is food.

Ice Mill Ice delivery utilizes only approved water supply systems that comply with all local, & National. Ice Mill does not add any additional ingredients, including preservatives, to its packaged products.

Ice delivery of ice cubes or crushed Ice

For your bag of Ice, call or text your order to 07751 860 360

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