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Ice Mill provide Ice cube delivery, throughout the year.To order your bag of Ice contact us

Perfectly Packaged Ice cubes

When it comes to the ice needs of our customers, we know versatility is the name of the game. That’s why
we ensure our premium packaged ice Cubes is available in a range of sizes. Whether you need it for your
every day, your cocktail, your cooler, your event, your hobby, your business or your jobsite, there’s ice
Cubes for that.

We deliver ice cubes bags for festivals, Corporate events, clubs, drink merchants, frozen food distributors, private events & parties, airports, catering businesses, pubs & bars, weddings, birthday parties, corners shops & supermarkets, Commercial building Projects, sports events, food processing companies, restaurants & cafes, Football Games, local festivals, school events, religious events, concerts, Christmas Parties and much more… in South West England & Wales and the UK.

Bagged ice is a great way to create a solution for ice when hosting a dinner party or large event. The best part
is that supply bag of ice and deliver the ice to you. This works perfectly for commercial.

Cold beverages are the standard at a party. So, the convenience of just picking up the phone and ordering ice from us, ensures that your gathering will go off without a warm glass in sight. Enjoy the extra time to plan further for your event and focus on keeping your guests happy from a reliable ice supplier.

Ice Mill provide Ice cube delivery, throughout the year.

To order your bag of Ice, Please Contact us at

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